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Your privacy

When joining Some Voices your personal details such as your name and  email address, will be added to our mailing list in order for us to send you information relevant to your Some Voices membership and events.

Please be aware that your data may be shared with third parties but only for agreed data processing such as the collection of subscription fees. We use a marketing platform to send out main membership communications via email. Some partners currently stores email addresses from our database and may transfer data outside of EEA. We ensure that we only use third-party partners who safeguard your personal information.



By joining as a member of Some Voices you have agreed to enter into a contract with us, and as such agree to receive regular communication regarding your membership, subscriptions and participating activities, as well as occasional service messages.

Communications can come in the form of email, the Some Voices Social Facebook page, or by phone (text/WhatsApp) which you’re free to opt out of at any time. However, if you choose to opt out please be aware that Some Voices can’t be held responsible for any loss incurred by not receiving Some Voices related communications.


Your membership

Some Voices is a non-audition choir - All are welcome above the age of 18.

Your Some Voices membership includes:

  • 10 weekly rehearsals, with a half term break

  • Intensive and dress rehearsals leading up to the end of term show

  • A personalised membership pack with access to voice parts, lyrics and more

  • Opportunities to join smaller audition based ensembles within the choir

  • Opportunities to take part in events that Some Voices are involved in


We have 3 terms per year - Spring / Summer / Winter - which run for 13 weeks (including half term). These schedules and/or location of rehearsals may alter due to venue closures and the end of term intensive rehearsals when each choir comes together.

If rehearsals are cancelled due to Acts of God (weather etc.) the Some Voices team will do its best to provide alternative rehearsal time over the next two terms. We’re unable to offer a refund if this happens but will always try to give as much notice as possible.

Please let us know as soon as you can if you’re unable to get to your rehearsal. You’re welcome to attend a different rehearsal on weeks where you’re unable to make your regular night/location. But if you’re unable to make up the time, your membership pack has everything you need in order to practice at home.


Non-attendance without notifying Some Voices will be dealt with in the following way:

  • 2 missed rehearsals: An email will be sent to ask if you would like to continue with the term

  • 3 missed rehearsals: If we haven’t received a response from you after 2 missed rehearsals, you will be removed from the register and taken off the membership mailing list


This process helps us manage membership numbers and is not designed to exclude anyone from the choir. To reconnect with Some Voices, simply send an email to to confirm that you’d still like to be registered for the term.

Notifications on how to audition/sign up for additional singing opportunities will be sent throughout the term.  From time to time there may be opportunities to sing for us on a professional basis, so if you’re currently and actively working as a professional singer outside of Some Voices; can learn new music quickly; can comfortably sing your voice part without the support of other voices on your harmony; and have good mic technique, please contact



Membership Fees may vary each year and you’ll be notified of any changes in advance.

By joining Some Voices, you agree to pay us any applicable membership fees on the date shown in the joining process and/or in the emails sent to you by Some Voices.

If full membership fees are not paid by the third week of term (or 2 weeks after your registration, if joining after the term start) we reserve the right to cancel your membership.


Music and ideas

As part of your Some Voices membership, you are given access to our arrangements, harmonies, concepts and resources. These are the intellectual property of Some Voices Ltd.  When joining Some Voices and by taking part in our rehearsals, performances, workshops and events you agree that our resources, techniques and ideas will not be used, amended, copied or replicated at any other event, to any other group or in any other venue. If found to be used elsewhere, we will have to take further action against those involved.


Accessibility and inclusivity

Some Voices celebrate the individual and one of our core values is inclusiveness. We do not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexuality or disability and pride ourselves in offering equal opportunity.

We try to ensure that our choir rehearsals and gigs are held in venues that have disabled access and facilities on site.  Got access requirements? Drop us a line using the link below. We’ll work with you and the venues we use to make you can focus on singing and having an awesome time! 

We also strive to provide a safe environment for everybody at both our rehearsals and our performances. If you have any concerns or questions about any of the above, please don't hesitate to get in contact with Alister at



As a participating member Some Voices, please understand that you are representing us at all of our events. We expect everyone to behave in a respectful manner towards others at all times. To ensure the smooth running of rehearsals and performances, and for the enjoyment of others, please be aware that the decisions and instructions of Some Voices staff must be entirely respected and followed at all times.

It’s a priority for us to provide you with a safe and secure venue for rehearsals and performance, but we also ask that you take responsibility for your own welfare and be aware of others. This includes consideration of any other people that may be using the facilities that you are in and being respectful of their needs.

Some Voices cannot accept responsibility for the security of personal belongings such as phones, cameras, personal stereos or any other personal possessions.

By joining Some Voices you’re agreeing and will adhere to the mutual understanding of what conduct WILL NOT be tolerated:

  • Bullying, in any form

  • Any form of abusive whether it be sexual harassment or threatening behaviour towards a member of Some Voices, our staff or audience

  • The use or possession of offensive weapons such as knives, blades, pellet guns etc

  • The use or possession of drugs or ANY illegal substances

If you witness or experience any bullying, harassment or discriminatory behaviour at any of our events, please inform your choir leader or get in contact with our General Manager


Some Voices may ask you to provide your own costume for an event to fit the theme of the production. This is not obligatory but you are expected to cover the cost of any items you wish to wear to a costume for the performance.

Please be aware that Some Voices Ltd hold full public liability insurance.

Photography and filming

Our events are immersive, visually extravagant and exciting. To support any publicity and marketing, Some Voices use professional photography for images and/or film during rehearsals and productions for use on our various social channels owned and managed by Some Voices.

By joining as a member of Some Voices, you give consent for us to capture and use photographs and/or video recordings in which you may appear, to share on our social media channels and for editorial purposes.


Some Voices Return Policy

You have the right to cancel this agreement at any time, however, the minimum commitment period is one term. Refunds will not be given for the remainder of the current term if you decide to leave before the end.

You can interrupt your membership for any period of time under exceptional reasons, to be agreed with Some Voices management.

As stated in the terms and conditions agreed upon purchase, Some Voices cannot offer refunds for term fees at any point in the term.

In exceptional circumstances we may offer a transfer to an alternative term, however this is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. If a transfer is possible, a £25 administration fee will be charged.

Some Voices reserve the right to amend the Membership Terms of Service at any time.


If you wish to speak to someone about your membership please email us at